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Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) refers to the process of assisting individuals with a mental health condition through the use of counseling. Our caseworkers provide one-on-one counseling sessions, intending to help our clients regain their independence and integrate into the community comfortably and effectively.

Our caseworkers focus on guiding clients in maintaining or improving their daily functioning, effective communication skills, and self-help skills, as well as promoting positive peer interaction and frustration tolerance, among others. In addition to that, we help our clients live a satisfying and self-directed life as much as possible by encouraging them to learn and manage their condition through client-centered illness management, psychoeducation, therapeutic mentoring, socialization/community integration, life skills coaching, wellness & nutrition education, and in-home wraparound services.

A complete individual rehabilitation plan (IRP) will be developed by our caseworkers in coordination with the client, their family members, their significant others, and mental healthcare provider as consented by the client. The IRP will involve all the health promotion and training needs of the client. Then, the IRP will be reviewed by the client, the client’s guardian, and our PRP director to ensure comprehensiveness and quality.

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